Jana Lamberti

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I am an abstract representational artist working with dye on silk.  I live in Mexico City with my husband and five little kids.  I love color and texture, light and depth, and the dynamic freedom that silk gives me.  I feel rooted in nature. 

I have a beautiful, chaotic life full of noise and joy.  Painting is my respite.  

When my sweet kids are all at school, I sit down in my studio with a cup of hot coffee and the morning light streaming over my shoulder.   The moment my brush touches the silk and the dye begins to move across the fabric, I feel a calmness and excitement sweep over me. 

Other mornings I can't make it to my studio without tripping over my kids' trains and catching my foot on one of the princess dresses scattered across the floor.

Silk reflects and channels the spirited and unpredictable nature of my life.  Dye moves across the silk in unexpected ways.  I must grasp lightly my vision for a piece because part of my joy is allowing the dye to interact on its own terms.  

In painting I find a peace that surpasses understanding.  I seek to communicate that peace in my work.  And to reflect the beauty of the world around me, from the simple cracks in an old wall to the mist rolling in over the waves.  

My background

I spent much of my childhood in New Hampshire running through the woods with my friends or inside creating my own art.   When my parents let me paint my bedroom ceiling, I painted clouds.  My undergraduate major was in fine arts with a concentration in sculpture.  But I felt something was missing -- texture.    

So I headed to California where I studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.  I worked in the clothing industry designing cashmere sweaters and other apparel for Anthropologie, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Joie.  After a few years I was ready to return to the full creative freedom of being an artist. 

I was also ready to pass along my love for art. So I went back to New England for a Masters of Education in Arts and Learning, five years in higher education and several more teaching high school art.  Throughout, I never stopped creating and selling art, in Boston, Washington, DC, and Mexico City, and in the midst of my babies.

My statement

Silk exhibits colors at their most vibrant and dynamic. The colors’ movement and interaction enable maximum freedom in the creative process, matching Jana’s focused yet unfettered style. Within a palette, she is as eager to let the dye interact and comingle, to let the colors guide her, as she is to put brush to silk. Jana takes much inspiration from nature, both in the particular images around her as well as the deeper forms.