jana lamberti silk art faqs

Below is some additional info that may be helpful.  If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact me directly.

Do you commission work?

Yes!  I welcome the chance to create art for your home, office, or design project.  Please contact me directly so we can set up a consultation to discuss your project.

What is your shipping policy?

All work is shipped within a week after purchase.  Shipping costs are included in the price of my art.  Most artwork will ship via FedEx or UPS.

can i return work that i have purchased?

I handle every order, commission, and sale with as much care and transparency as possible.  Unless I make a mistake in the listing or the colors are truly misrepresented, all sales are final. If you are not sure whether the colors you see are exactly what you want, ask for more photos. Or check out the image on different monitors--each monitor is calibrated slightly differently.  

How do you frame silk?

I use several different methods that exhibit both the vibrancy of the colors and the texture of the material.  If your piece is sold unframed, I can work with a local framer to complete your vision for the piece.   

Do you donate your art for charity?

Yes!  I donate several pieces of my art to charitable causes every year.  Please contact me with your request.

is your art available to be sold in galleries and stores?

Yes!  I would be honored to have my artwork on your walls or in your shop.  I ask that you contact me directly to discuss your gallery and ideas. You may not resell artwork without written permission.

Do you work with interior designers?

Absolutely.  I love the idea that my art would fit into a larger design vision for a room.  Please contact me to discuss further.


Please note that I retain all rights to all artwork, even those of sold and commissioned original paintings.   I retain the right to make reproductions of any and all artwork i create unless the collector has purchased the full rights to the artwork (this is in addition to simply purchasing the original).  The collector or buyer may not reproduce the artwork in any way without written permission.  

The collector has the right to display the artwork in their home or business.  Artwork may not be resold or reproduced for profit in any way without the artist's written permission.

Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing full rights to your painting.