Monarch Butterflies

jana lamberti silk art blog march

A few weeks ago my family and I saw one of the most wondrous sights: thousands upon thousands of monarch butterflies.  They were clustered together in trees high on a mountainside in rural Mexico, the same mountainside they visit every year as part of their migration from southern Canada and the US. (that's about as far as my limited Spanish got from our tour guide...but still pretty good, right?)  The sun wasn't out and it was a bit chilly, so the butterflies were mostly clumped together like densely packed leaves.  A few had gone to butterfly heaven and thus were available for my kids to examine more closely.  All in all, a very cool once-in-a-life-time thing.  And mad props to my gang of five little horseback riders and hikers for making the trek, and to our friends for helping us with our little ones on the horses.  Maybe the bright orange on a gray sky had something to do with my turn back to brighter colors in the studio?