passing along the artist challenge

jana lamberti silk art passing along the artist challenge

Remember the artist challenge? If you follow me at all on FB then you do…because it has been one of the only things I have posted about since the babies have taken over my belly (yes, babies as in plural, as in two, as in twins…that’s my official jana lamberti baby announcement – so there). A couple weeks ago (maybe a month ago…I have no idea) I finally got around to nominating someone and then last week she finally got around to posting (us artist are good like that…as in time is all relative). I couldn’t think of anyone more talented than my friend Nicole Bourgea. We met in DC a few years back.  The first time I saw one of her paintings I was all…yep…these are beautiful and then to come and find out…so is she! I’ve had an artist crush ever since. I’ve included a few of her paintings below–she blogs at I Hate to Alarm You...go check it out.

friends ENJOY her work because it is BEAUTIFUL!