mural in the embassy

jana lamberti silk art mural in the embassy

enter second trimester – enter embassy health unit – enter mural. what a fun project. i’ve been painting on silk for so long that i haven’t done much illustration in the past few years. so it was so fun that the embassy health unit asked me to do something different. and remember that i actually could illustrate – heck, in my former life i was this close (i am putting my fingers together with a fantastic Italian expression) to being a fashion illustrator (yes, i know. my “fashion” these days consist of stained clothes but i think i once was “fashionable.” one of these days will have to post some of my fashion sketches…again, it feels like a life time ago).

but here’s the thing…once an artist – always an artist. i used to teach art and people would ask me what my “specialty” was and i would say…well, everything and nothing. because i wasn’t GREAT at anything but was good at everything. then i found silk…and well, magic happened, sparks flew, you get it.

regardless, it’s a nice change of pace to once and awhile do something different, to go back to doing something you used to do. i’ve painted murals before…and they are fun. super time consuming, but fun. and this came at the perfect time…in a cool place.

i am not a machine. machines make wallpaper. i am human. i make paintings (and murals). so the embassy doc and i decided on a “story” of sorts – with animals, flowers, insects, sea life, trees that represented both the US and Mexico. so if parents get bored in there, they can look to find the deeper meaning in the images. or they can just point out different animals to their kids and be in a happy place while they wait for the doc.

i had to free hand the drawing/design in the entire room because there were so many “elements” to work around and build into the design. i.e. that ear thing pictured below (that’s the technical word for it, i’m sure). a paper towel holder. a bunch of shelves. you get it. so i sketched around all these “elements” so the design would make sense in the context of the room. sketches (hard to see) are below. then i added dots and lines. then animals, trees, bumblebees, and the beginnings of mariposas (that’s spanish for butterflies…i love how the word sounds).

i LOVE how it turned out.