mexico inspiration – tree

jana lamberti silk art mexico inspiration tree

if you haven’t noticed, i paint trees.  that’s because i like trees.  shapes, colors, shading, depth, movement…you get it.  give me a grove of trees, and i’m a happy woman.  or flowers.  or plants.  and so on.  nature is rich like that.  but especially trees. maybe this all stems from my NH roots (pun intended people).

it’s also impossible for me to turn off what i call “drinkin’ in the scenery.”  comes with the territory of being an artist/visual person.  buildings, colors, what people are wearing, cracks in the sidewalk — my husband at times has to wave his hand in front of my face when i stop talking, mid-sentence, and stare at something that caught my eye.

and, of course, trees. well, check out this doozy of an awesome tree.  walked by it last week downtown.  i was speechless.  i mean, it looks like Edward Scissorhands bumped into a flower marker, right? beautiful!