jana lamberti silk art babies

and then i dropped off the face of the earth again (sorta) because, well we had more babies. yes, plural, because surprise – surprise (and we were) there were two. twins. they entered the world on July 31, 2015. that brings our clan to a grand total of 5 – 4 years old and under. i’d like to formally introduce you to them and i’d also formally like to declare we are done. i mean done. done and done. blessed and did i mention done? 5 in 4 years is not for the faint of heart and yet we are loving it (90% of the time – that other 10% well, you can read all the 5,000 parenting blogs to figure that one out).

so how does this relate to art? these babies are almost 6 months and i have started taking commissions again. i accepted some for Christmas and have several lined up already this year. however, the last 6 months i’ve been keeping it light around here in terms of art because well – no sleep and see 5 children 4 years old and under above. need i say more?

babies. art coming at you SOON. and i mean it.