when my art went into hibernation

jana lamberti silk art when my art went into hibernation

After I graduated from design school, I went on a total art hiatus.  we’re not talking for a few weeks – we’re talking for a few years. it was horrible. both the pressure of design school and the hiatus. i studied clothing design – and came out with a degree and a deflated sense of the clothing industry. everyone copies everyone else and it killed my creative spirit. somewhere along the way I lost the reasons why I love/ed to create.  enter Masters Degree 5 years later.  i have an MEd in Arts & Learning: in layman’s terms, the degree is basically in creative ways of educating people – it’s a cross between art education and art therapy.

going back to school for this degree was the best therapy for me…i mean the best decision i ever made. it completely freed up my creative process. I learned to create without boundaries, without expectations of others, without failure and, at some level, without grades. after I started that program I began creating without boundaries – without judging myself along the way (well, sometimes…once a critic always a critic…especially of yourself). but I was creating…and fear of failure – or of creating a piece of crap – didn’t seize me any longer. frankly, it actually happens ALL. THE. TIME. but instead of that keeping me down and inhibiting me from creating – it just sorta is what is it and then I move on. its a learning experience.  or the crap, in time, becomes something beautiful.

soon I hope to blog about the properties of silk and how it’s the absolute best and worst medium for dealing with failure. sometimes it’s forgiving….most of the time it’s not.  the old jana would hate it.  the new jana loves it.

sneak peak at my new collection above. will be up in a gallery in NH as  the featured artist for the month of January