we’re moving…

jana lamberti silk art we're moving

…to mexico city!  and my studio is coming with me!  yup.  crazy. for my husband’s job with the State Department.  we’ve heard great things about the city – art scene, pyramids, food!!!  the palace of fine art is above. 

i’m really looking forward to seeing how my work will be influenced by my new surroundings. maybe i’ll start painting a lot of traffic. ha. or maybe my colors will get brighter ( if that’s even possible)? or maybe everything will be inspired by avocados? who knows… but bring it.   once baby boy (and the rest of us) are sleeping and mildly rested, the silk and dye are coming out.  and i’ll continue accepting commissions anywhere from clients stateside and worldwide–one of the many things i love about silk is ease of shipping.