on the wall: trees xiv

jana lamberti silk art on the wall trees xiv

blue trees. por que no? (means, “why not?” for all you non-Spanish speakers…myself included). a few months back – ok more than a few months (maybe even last year), i completed this commission. at first when Casey said, ‘i’d like blue trees’ i was all…(in my head) “blue trees? BLUE trees? how is that going to work/look?” but i LOVED the color blue she choose. that was key.  and in the end, it didn’t just “work” it looked pretty fantastic on her walls (thanks to her color choice, again…and the shadowbox frame–a fave of mine). so needless to say, i love how the piece turned out.  girl knew what she was talking about.

so here are the pics. thanks Casey for welcoming a small part of me into your home.