on the wall: tree of life

jana lamberti silk art on the wall tree of life

i’m starting a new series of posts entitled “on the wall.” i think it’s really important to put my work in context – for you all to see it as art with presence – not as another image on your screen. and silk being silk, it’s difficult for some to visualize the images in my gallery as actual art hanging on the wall. so as much as i can photograph – or have someone else photograph – their piece of mine up on their walls – i will post. first one up…tree of life.

hello tree of life.  there you are  – up on the wall – in your own home. speaking of home, check out this home below: a condo in downtown chicago that is just a few blocks away from Michigan Ave, with unbelievable windows and amazing views of both navy pier and the city. it’s gorgeous. my piece below sits in the the entry way  – walk through their front door and bam…there it is, smiling at you.  second pic is if you walk down the hall on the left and look out onto their stunning views.  had to show that too.  glad to see it go to a good home (or should i say, awesome home). enjoy folks.