new blog series – mexico inspiration!

jana lamberti silk art new blog series mexico inspiration

when living in a different country – post about said different country. so that’s what i am going to do. mexico is different than northern va (no way, you say?) true. it is. and visually it’s A LOT different. so i’ve decided a new blog series needs to happen. welcome to my first “mexico inspiration” blog post series (clever title, huh?) thanks, i know. ;) so here goes…

our first weekend here we decided to venture out – so we went for a walk. at that stage in the game going for a walk was, in fact, an adventure. everything is different here – the sidewalks – the roads (don’t even get me started on the driving…) – the plants – the architecture – you get my point. on our walk i noticed this wall and i feel in love. yes, a run down wall with weird drips and cement and whatever else. but i liked it. a lot. so i took a pic and told hubby that i was going to paint this…somehow, someway, someday. so here it is…my first mexico inpspiration pic. you like? i do.