mexico inspiration – flowers

jana lamberti silk art mexico inspiration flowers

hubby and i celebrated our anniversary the other week. “celebrated light” if you will…with the move and the kids and the lack of sleep we’ve decided to bank up our days for a time when we can venture off just the two of us to a far off land and lay by a pool and read…FOR HOURS. oh my gosh…that was such a run-on sentence but i just went to my happy place and couldn’t stop. ok, i’m back. anyway, by celebrated i mean, he bought me flowers. and i did…well, nothing for him in return. and he’s cool with it. it’s awesome.

one of the (ah-em many) qualities he loves about me is that i am TERRIBLE with dates. which means i usually don’t remember our anniversary until his mother or my mother asks us, about a week before, “what are you two doing next week? any plans?” to which my response (and his) is usually, “ahh…what’s next week?” anyway, so he has zero expectations from me and i have zero from him. it works. especially at this point in our lives. can you say three kids three and under?  yeah, sometimes it’s hard for me to say too. ;)

anyway…so he bought me these flowers and I LOVE THEM. did i mention i LOVE THEM???!?!?!?  he knows me. he knew i would start drooling the second he walked in with them. simple. colorful. BEAUTIFUL. well done hubby. i also love that he told me the price and he’s all…these things were only like 8 bucks, such a good deal huh? (romantic, i know) and i was all…8 bucks! let’s get flowers EVERY WEEK! (which we haven’t and that is just fine). so here’s mexico inspiration blog post numero dos….anniversary flowers. ahh….drink in the colors my friends.