march show- “rooted”

jana lamberti silk art march show rooted

i have some exciting news–other than baby boy’s upcoming arrival–to share before i officially sign off on artistic maternity leave–so stay tuned. for now….enjoy some pics below of the past art showing. i was asked to be the featured artist at a conference in Alexandria, VA.

loved that the theme of the conference was “rooted”– curator for the event loved my work so much (blush, blush) that it took up the entire front entry way of the building. and the featured piece…that basically hit you in the face the second you walked through the front doors…was large to say the least. over 7ft long. painting pregnant was awesome…no, no it wasn’t. but you gotta do what you gotta do.  still, was a blast to play around with scale and colors on a few new (and big) pieces.  and yes, i avoided the belly smear.  

it was bring your kids to work day…therefore a lot of little curly heads ended up in the pictures. oh well. they are helping me measure.  very cute.