in the hippo

jana lamberti silk art in the hippo new hampshire newspaper

what’s the hippo for all you non-NH citizens? the hippo is a widely-circulated news and lifestyle paper in New Hampshire.  they recently ran an article featuring me and my vermillion series show at Sullivan Framing and Fine Art Gallery.  local girl moves to Mexico City, paints cool art, art comes back to NH.  it’s a great read.  thanks to Kelly Sennott of the Hippo for some great emails and convos over (and patience with) Skype to tell this story.

and if you haven’t gotten enough on me, Goffstown, Mexico City, and my art from the article, i’ve included a bit more, in artist-ese language:

Jana’s upbringing in Goffstown initiated and shaped her roots in and love of the arts.  Playing for hours in the woods behind Sully’s Superette–she moved into a house on Second Ave when she was three—first imprinted on her the love of nature that runs through her work (one of her favorite and most popular series is entitled “Trees”).  The walls and ceilings of her parents’ Mast St. house were her first canvas for exploring and expressing her nascent creative impulse—the clouds she painted in 8th grade still adorn the ceiling of her childhood bedroom. 

Her teachers in the Goffstown Area High School’s rich Art Department proved vital in guiding and forming this fledgling artist, who took as many art classes as were available.  Jana considers Goffstown High’s Mrs. Ava-Lynn Lane to be her first artistic mentor, and still speaks with deep admiration of Mrs. Lane’s instruction and encouragement during Jana’s time as an art honors student. 

Jana graduated from Goffstown High in 1999, and currently lives in Mexico City with her husband and three children.  Mrs. Ava-Lynn Lane continues teaching at Goffstown High, Jana’s parents continue living on Mast St, and Jana and her family return to Goffstown for as many Pumpkin Festivals as possible.