i’m back!

jana lamberti silk art i'm back

had a baby. moved to Mexico. you know, the normal stuff. ;) ha. baby is just shy of 4 months old and is a rock star. the move has gone well…as well as moving internationally with two toddlers and one baby can go. and the studio is almost set up…we had a slight set back yesterday due to hail. yes, hail. and lots of rain…in the studio…because yours truly forgot to shut the massive sliding glass doors/windows/whatever the heck you call these things. they are large and come with bars and a touch of barbed wire – nice don’t you think? hey, at least we’re safe.

have a few projects in the works already…some commissions, a new series (inspired by, what else, mexico), planning a show locally, and who knows what else. seems like something is always coming along when i don’t expect it. thankful for that.

but for now, a pic from inside the new casa.  love the light.