featured artist at nh gallery

jana lamberti silk art featured artist at new hampshire gallery

do you all remember the seascape series i did last year for a gallery in New Hampshire?  Amy Sullivan of Sullivan Framing and Fine Art Gallery asked if i’d be their featured artist for the month of January.  i said great, i just finished a new series that would be perfect.  the series is called vermillion.  here’s a bit about the inspiration in my more formal artist-ese language.

the series combines two primary sources of inspiration.  the first is nature, specifically, the sea.  I find deeply compelling the interplay and dynamism between sky and sea, between water and land, between light and liquid—this fascination began in my childhood visits to the New Hampshire seacoast.  the shifting hues and forms endlessly inspire me, and are reflected and refracted in my work. 

the second is the vibrant new color palette i’ve encountered having moved to Mexico City this summer.  from the soft yellow wall outside my studio window to my orange meringue house, from the assorted bright chilies in the market to vivid colors on my daughters’ indigenously designed dresses, i’ve lived a feast for the eyes in my short time here.  for this, my first series in Mexico, i thought i’d revel in this entirely new and different palette.

so if you’re in the NH area, go check it out!  it’ll be up through the end of the month.