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today i went to a coffee shop to work on the other side of all this art stuff…the business side. which i freakishly enjoy almost, but not quite as much, as creating art itself.

so there i was brainstorming, sketching, reviewing some pieces for an upcoming show and then realized… oh shoot i totally have to pump! remember that six month old baby i have? well, she still needs to be fed. so i did what any normal person would do. i ask two tightly wound business men next to me (in full-on suits talking about bonds and hiring a developer, what kind of developer i have no idea) to watch my stuff. well, ok, i didn’t just ask them to watch my stuff i said this…all of this. why i don’t know.

conversation as follows…

me: hey, do you guys have kids?

stuffy business men with bewildered looks on faces: ah…yes.

me: great. i have to go pump. can you make sure my stuff doesn’t all of a sudden disappear?

stuffy business men thinking (with looks that confirm) you are crazy: sure.

me (in bathroom hiding in a stall with pump thinking to myself): why on god’s earth did i just tell them i need to pump? couldn’t i have just asked them to watch my stuff for a bit while i ran out?

too much information people. i shared WAY too much information. but my kid did not go hungry and my stuff was still there when i came back. and then me, well, i’m sure they are going to tell that story over again.