retired perfectionist

jana lamberti silk art blog retired perfectionist

i used to be a perfectionist. in fact, i thought it was “cool” to be one. until my world was rocked in college and the walls started caving in on me as i tried so desperately to maintain this perfectionist status. it was NOT working.

what came out of that – among so many other beautiful things – was a new term for myself: “retired perfectionist”. not only do i not strive to be a perfectionist anymore, i actually run in the other direction when i hear people talking about it. i’m an artist. i have two kids under two. my husband and i have moved three times in two years (going on four). i don’t have the time or energy to be a perfectionist…nor do i have even the slightest desire (just check out the laundry pile any given day).

as for my art…being a “retired perfectionist” enhances what i do. i create with almost a complete sense of freedom. if i “mess up” i say to myself that either something beautiful will come out of this (see blog post here) or i’ll throw this away and learn from it.  in my mind, it’s a win-win.

*piece above for a show inspired by NH seascapes