paint everywhere

jana lamberti silk art blog paint everywhere

this is how i go through life. paint on my hands. paint on my clothes. paint on my kids (sorry little ladies). i paint a lot during nap times…when i’m not in the studio.  and the thing about naptime is you never know when it is going to end! that can be a problem.

see, when i get engrossed in something artistic…i. DO. NOT. WANT. TO. STOP. ever. so when the little ladies start piping up…i may, or may not, let them squawk for a little bit while i attempt to finish that last mark, that last circle, that last…whatever. and i never, ever, neverever give myself enough time to clean up. so…let’s start at the begining…paint on my clothes. paint on my hands and paint on my kids. that’s how we do things around here. and i love it. ;)