loud talkers!

jana lamberti silk art blog loud talkers

when i work on the “business” side of all this art i usually work at panera. i don’t just love the coffee i love the free refills. no, i don’t think you get it…i LOVE the free refills. a little too much (i may, or may not be shaking as i type this. i know, not good). only…WHAT IS WITH THE LOUD TALKERS?!?! people, if you are in public and can hear your voice echoing in a ROOM FULL OF PEOPLE it might be time to tune it down a little – or A LOT. and then there are the loud talkers on their cell phones. i have no words. *a dude and i just exchange “can you believe how loud that women is talking looks!?!?!?” at least i’m in good company. ;)


*piece above also part of my new collection