leigh dameron photography photo shoot

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Leigh and i go way back. as in back to seventh grade. in our school seventh grade was the “merge” year when students from different towns merged into one big happening middle school. it was both scary and exciting. first day of seventh grade i looked across the classroom and noticed this cute blond tall girl – with a smile on her face (always a smile on her face). i’m not exactly sure what happened next…i think one of us wrote a note to the other that went something like this… “you look nice, i’d like to be your friend”….and there you have it, the beginnings of a lasting friendship. who knew it could be that easy?

we stayed dear friends in high school.  drifted apart in college and then reappeared in the most beautiful way into each others lives a couple years ago. i moved to the DC area where she lived. we were both pregnant, which equals instant bonding all over again. not like that was ever too difficult for us given our track record. ;)

she turns out to be one darn good photographer. who has actually documented my family’s entire existence …both pregnancies, both babies, first birthdays, and now…my portrait! that’s right…little ole me and only me. i’ll never make fun of top model again. it was HARD! she was awesome – knew the right things to say and do. so check her out at leigh dameron photography. and hit her up. not only is she talented at her craft…she’s lives up to her seventh grade reputation and is extremely nice. ;)