that’s me in the washington post

jana lamberti silk art that's me in the washington post

I showed my work at a big art festival called MPAartfest put on by McLean Project for the Arts (MPA) this past weekend.  As part of the kickoff festivities, MPA hosted the MPAartfest Soiree a few nights before, where collectors, connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts–as the Post says above–came together to celebrate the arts. I had donated a piece which was auctioned off in what they refer to as “Luck of the Draw,” so I took hubs and we wined and dined the evening away.  Sort of.  You see, hubs and I were sick with the first colds of the season.  The food was apparently amazing but my taste buds weren’t even working.  Darnit.

And since we were so sick, I’m not sure I showered that day and I definitely did my makeup in the car because I was too busy lying on the couch playing half-dead. So then we get there and I’m in the right place at the right time and some lady’s like, “Oh you’re an artist…stand here please I want to take your picture.” So I gave my best wipe-my-nose-and-pretend-I’m-healthy smile – and after she finished she was like – oh, and it’s for the Washington Post. Grrrrrreeat. Sick or not sick – definitely fun to be in the paper. Hopefully next time (there WILL BE a next time) I’ll have showered. And that “m” will make it into my last name ;)

Oh, and “Luck of the Draw”…while chatting with a few people, we (I mean “me”)  kept a close eye on the “Luck of the Draw.” Basically, attendees’ can buy a ticket to pick an original art piece – a few dozen artists donated a piece – in the order their tix are drawn. The good news is that my piece was picked and picked pretty quickly. Which, thank god because standing there watching these pieces get picked one by one brought me back to my middle school days thinking/praying I wasn’t going to be the last one picked for the basketball team – if you know what I mean.  All in all, a great evening.