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when i was a kid it was the eighties. florescent pink, green, orange, yellow….you name it, if it had “florescent” or “hot” in front of it, I loved it. i wore the clothes, the bracelets, and the scrunchies (if you don’t know what a scrunchy is…you’re missing out). so i was psyched when in recent years when the florescents and the hots started coming back. i even thought about buying a pair of florescent high top nike sneakers. still thinking about it actually.

but it doesn’t have to be a florescent color to make me pine over it. i’ll take (almost) any color any day and ooh and ahh about it. i see potential in color. i see creativity in color. life in color. beauty in color.

it’s no surprise then, that i stumbled upon silk – painting on silk – with COLOR. if you have never experienced a silk painting in person…YOU NEED TO. even better, experience putting that color on the silk yourself. it almost melts into the silk and illuminates.

these days i paint with any and all color. depends on my mood. sometimes i’m feeling the eighties and i rock the bright colors. other times i’m feeling restoration hardware neutral and can’t help saturating the silk with warmer tones.