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friends are good. and talented/artistic designer friends are the best! they understand your wacky artsy side, your deep need for Frye boots and only Frye boots. and they support you when you are feeling and thinking blah about your work. enter susan. good friend. we met when my husband and i moved to dc. she doesn’t know this…but the first time we met, i had already noticed what she was wearing and thought…yep, i’m going to like her (shallow, no. observant, yes.). well, i was right. we liked each other, we were both designers/artist, sparks flew, magic happened…ok i’ll stop. we’re both married. ;)

susan runs the blog canalwest and owns the letterpress company freshly pressed. her stuff and her blog are exquisite. simply put, the girl’s got great taste…in everything. clothes. food. art (she owns a jana lamberti original, so of course she has good taste in art), jewelry,  napkins, tablecloths, shoes…you name it, she knows what’s hot and what’s not. so check out her blog sometime or all the time. you’ll thank me for it.