sweaters and silk

jana lamberti silk art sweaters and silk

I used to design cashmere sweaters that cost over $500 a pop.  I didn't like it...and that's an understatement. I went to school in LA and have a degree in Fashion Design. For a couple of years I worked in Fashion Design.  ONE VERY LONG YEAR I worked in the Hollywood Hills for a freelance cashmere sweater designer. Her studio was part of her house. Picture what you see in the movies – it was all of that and more. Keanu Reeves used to ride by the house on his motorcycle.

My boss’s house was built around a pool in the center of it. She went to parties with all these famous designers and ordered vegan lunches for the week, had plastic surgery when I was working for her…etc, etc, I’m from NEW HAMPSHIRE. NEW HAMPSHIRE..live free or die people. We think dressing up is wearing our new North Face jacket.  So all of this was very strange to me.

But here’s why I wasn't a fan. It wasn’t creative…enough…for me. Think about the mall…all the clothes are essentially the same. There’s a trend, fashion designers/mainstream companies ride that trend to get the most bang for their buck. I didn’t like riding the trends. I loved the idea of fashion. I really loved high fashion. The creative – crazy – artistic stuff you see on the runways. That was art to me.