Why silk?

jana lamberti silk art blog why silk?

i first learned about painting on silk when i was in fashion design school out in los angeles.

my best friend's mom's friend (that was a mouthful) was a very successful silk artist. i was fortunate enough to go on a tour of her home and studio. i was mesmerized by the process and the outcomes and enthralled with the colors. i asked her all about silk and promised myself, after design school, i was going to learn how to paint on silk.

fashion design school for me was wonderful and interesting and insightful, but working in the industry was not for me. after several years working as a designer i couldn't do it anymore. this may sound odd but it wasn't creative enough for me. i found myself being forced to copy other designers or "trends" instead of coming up with unique creations of my own, which is what i so deeply desired. that, coupled with the grueling hours, made me want to look elsewhere for an artistic outlet. to prove my point that everyone copies everyone else, go for a walk in the mall. same color trends. if polka dots are in, they are in everywhere (which they are right now...so if you don't have an article of clothing with polka dots...the fashionista says go get one).

i digress. my point: i wanted to use my background in fine arts and somehow combine them with my love of textiles. enter painting on silk.

the first time i took a silk painting workshop i came home elated. i was crazy about it. i mean....CRA-ZY. i couldn't wait to go back and paint more. and more. and more.

i found myself totally engrossed. the workshop might have been done but i wasn't.