Back in the saddle

jana lamberti silk art blog back in the saddle

i had a baby. which make two in two years. which means creating art comes second to feeding little mouths. but i still HAVE to do it. i can't not do it. it's in my bones. and helps me be a better mother.

i was planning on going back to the studio after my daughter, turned 3 months old. but then the holidays came. and then after the holidays...we got the plague! you know that crazy sickness going around. yeah, we got it and unfortunately it went around the world...hitting every one of us...for about month. so here it is 2 months later and for the first time today i went to the studio. ahhhhh. big sigh. BIG SIGH. it was wonderful. and that's a gross understatement.

for the first couple of hours i felt a little lost. where am i? what am i doing? what's that a paint brush? and

then i began. and it just flowed. and felt so right. here's to creating. and getting back in the saddle.