government furniture

jana lamberti silk art government furniture

So I love beautiful furniture.  No surprise there after my last post.  My surroundings greatly – greatly affect me. And my house surroundings affect me even more because I FEEL LIKE I AM ALWAYS IN MY HOUSE! Which is a good and bad thing and a story for a different day.

Our post in Mexico City came furnished. Most would consider this a good thing because you don’t have to move your own stuff and worry about it getting ruined in the moving process. However, for me, an artist & designer THIS KILLS ME. The look of the embassy furniture isn’t bad...but it’s isn’t great. (Like this couch above) Can you say dated hotel?  I want to express myself through my surroundings and living with the embassy furniture doesn’t exactly say “Jana”. So I’ve had to look at it for almost four years and work with it...and I have.  Hubby reminds me to be thankful, and I know he's right.  But not without it’s challenges.