mixing old with new

jana lamberti silk art beautiful furniture

I love mixing old with new. If I could sum up my style it would be rustic modern minimalism. Old pieces have history, they tell a story, they give soul to the room. New pieces are fresh, they speak to your current life and will be the stories you tell in the future. My mom wrote on my instagram (because she and my mother-in-law always write on my instagram – love you two) “if this desk could talk.”

This was my desk growing up. I had it in my bedroom for countless years. It was baby blue. My parents picked it up from our neighbors. It was my brothers' at one point. I left it at home for my college days but it returned to me in my 20’s. Someone, probably me, painted it raspberry. Then it returned home while I went off gallivanting around Europe for a year. When I came back life happened pretty fast – as you know – with hubby and we needed a changing table for our first born. So I used it for that. Then I used it for two more kids as a changing table – after we painted it white yet again.

Somehow, someway it ended up in Mexico with us. And here, one of the beautiful things they do for a reasonable cost is refinish wood furniture. I had it refinished and am NEVER GOING TO PAINT THIS BEAUTY AGAIN (please don't only remind me but plead with me.  hubby will because he's done the prior two paintings.). I mean, just look at it. It’s a perfect old piece to mix with all my new paintings.