a vacay after 7 years

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I had five kids in four years - my twins gave me a nice surprise at the end. So from 2010 to 2017 I have either been pregnant or breastfeeding. I didn’t come up for air until recently. I hear this is pretty common among friends of mine with twins, it takes at least two years. Also, in this time, I had only gone away once without family and it was for work – my art show in florida this past February.

Well, this September was hard. I mean real hard. The twins were sick (as in almost hospital sick), the Earthquake happened and ALL THE KIDS were off school almost two weeks and hubby was traveling. Guys, HUBBY NEVER TRAVELS! I was drowning. Close to breaking. Hubby took a red-eye home after the Earthquake and said to me…plan something. Go away. Go with Megan – my friend who also happens to live in Mexico – Monterrey. So we talked, Megan and I, and booked a quick four day trip to Puerto Vallarta.

Guys , I’m here, right now. Writing/blogging on my computer as I hear the crash of waves in the background and look up to see a breathless view. The first night I slept over 12 hours and my friend had to wake me up in the morning. Last night I slept over 10. I feel like a different person already. Yes, I miss the kids. But I haven’t been away from them to relax….ever.

I love my kids and my family so much it hurts. I can’t picture my life any differently...but it’s a race. Every day is a race and after the twins, most times, it’s felt like a constant fire alarm. I am so thankful for right now – this very second of sitting here at the computer by myself (while megan works too) and just enjoying being. And I’m so thankful for that wonderful amazing husband of mine who encourages me to do things like this (and who I’ve encouraged him to do the same with Megan's husband…and soon!).