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This month hubby took the kids for a few days so my dear friend and I could visit Oaxaca.  The colors were unbelievable.  So was the food.  So was the textiles.  We toured a textile shop and learned the natural sources of all of their dyes.  And I had three sweet mornings of sleeping in to my heart's content, which was itself enough to make the trip worthwhile.  Oaxaca, you were good to me.

Purple Flowers

jana lamberti silk art blog

This is happening right now all over Mexico City and it is beautiful.  Breathtaking.  So amazing that my two year old girl sings "Happy Birthday purple flowers" every time we get in the car.  And my five year old pronounces "jacaranda" with a sweet Mexican accent.  Our friends who flew in from the States thought they were fake because from the air it looked like blooms of bright purple scattered across the entire city.  My series coming out next month has some explosions of purple too...

Monarch Butterflies

jana lamberti silk art blog march

A few weeks ago my family and I saw one of the most wondrous sights: thousands upon thousands of monarch butterflies.  They were clustered together in trees high on a mountainside in rural Mexico, the same mountainside they visit every year as part of their migration from southern Canada and the US. (that's about as far as my limited Spanish got from our tour guide...but still pretty good, right?)  The sun wasn't out and it was a bit chilly, so the butterflies were mostly clumped together like densely packed leaves.  A few had gone to butterfly heaven and thus were available for my kids to examine more closely.  All in all, a very cool once-in-a-life-time thing.  And mad props to my gang of five little horseback riders and hikers for making the trek, and to our friends for helping us with our little ones on the horses.  Maybe the bright orange on a gray sky had something to do with my turn back to brighter colors in the studio?  

polanco show

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Last Monday a few dozen of my friends and people I had never met before came together a bar in Mexico City's Polanco neighborhood for an evening of wine and Jana Lamberti art.  The owners of Barniz Bar saw my art at the Pozo de Vida benefit dinner last fall and asked if I would show my work in their salon for January and February.  This would include an evening of drinks, hors d'oeuvres, and meet-the-artist.  I agreed and so glad I did-it was such a fun night.  One more sweet vignette.  My husband drove my two eldest daughters to the show so they could see mom and her art.  On the way, one asked my husband "Dad, is mom famous?"  He replied, "Not yet, sweetie."  Brought a smile to my face.

Imperfectly perfect silk

jana lamberti silk art blog imperfectly perfect

here's why i love silk - it's imperfectly perfect. look above. the lines aren't straight, the dye runs and goes in directions that sometimes surprise even me (and I've worked exclusively with silk for over the past 7 years), the colors aren't ordered...and i love it. I love everything about the way the dye and silk interact.  I especially love the challenge (because it's so unforgiving) of shaping a piece towards a vision just as much as I am able too...and then letting it evolve into something all its own.